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The BitcoinCheats Loader

The Bitcoin Cheats loader is an efficient way to keep all your cheats in one place, so you can launch them much more easily. You won’t need to remember which tricks you have bought as Bitcoin Cheats Loader will have you covered and best of all, it is undetectable.

Bitcoin Cheats Features

Instant Access

Get instant access to all of our amazing cheats available on Bitcoin Cheats.

Friendly Support

We offer 24/7 support through our knowledgeable support team, which is not only efficient but also friendly.

Advanced Loader

Load all the cheats by using our advanced loader, making the process simple.

Fully Encrypted

Our cheats are fully encrypted to ensure that you are not only protected but can use them with ease.

Advanced Anti-Detection System

Avoid detection by using our high-quality tricks! No anti-cheat service can catch us. Avoid bans and other problems by using our advanced anti-detection tricks!

Unique Build Per Injection

Our tricks are unique, and the process that makes them such an amazing option is the difference. We have a very high “one-time build per injection” rate, which is something other cheat services cannot handle on their own.

We accept Bitcoin

Pay for cheats safely and anonymously with Bitcoin.

How it Works

Buy Access

Buy access to the cheats you want to use. We make this process as simple as possible, it is simply a matter of choosing a hack.

Download Hack/Cheats

Once you’ve paid for access to your selected cheat, you can download it right away. No waiting at that time!

Dominate Everyone

Use your newly bought trick to dominate the competition! People will wonder how you managed to get so good at the game, but little do they know that you are using Bitcoin Cheats.

Frequent questions

How many games have you created hacks for?

It’s hard to keep track of all of them, but we have tools available for over 20 games here at Bitcoin Cheats. Some websites will only offer hacks for a specific game, or will give you minimal options to choose from. Other developers will focus on the hottest games right now and nothing else, which will not keep “OG” players satisfied. We know which games require tools, which is why we have developed so many different cheats (and will continue to do so).

How much do the cheats cost?

Our cheats are very affordable, especially when you compare our prices to any “premium cheat” provider. If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on your tools, but don’t want to sacrifice quality as a result, you can count on Bitcoin Cheats to serve you well. All of our tricks will meet your quality standards, but will also allow you to have more money in your pocket!

What Makes Cheats So Good?

There are times in life when you just have to shed the fat, which is what we do with all of our tools here at Bitcoin Cheats. We do not leave it in any “filler”, all the functions present in our cheats will help you stand out as a player. Regardless of the game you play and the features you like the most, all you need to know is that our cheats will make you a winner; that’s what makes our tricks so good.

I’ve never hacked before, do I need to be prepared?

As a first-time hacker, there are probably a lot of things going through your head, which is normal. You may be concerned about any possible ban you might face, or even if Bitcoin Cheats is a trusted developer in the first place. We can assure you that not only will you benefit from using our cheats, but you can also do so safely: we have implemented a comprehensive anti-cheat protection system that will prevent you from being banned by companies such as VAC or BattlEye. (as well as many other cheat detection programs).

Do I have time limits to work?

We do not force our clients to work within a time limit, as that will only ruin their hacking experience. We give you all the time you need to run your business online, which means that we will never limit the period in which you can use our cheats. Buying a Bitcoin Cheats hacking license grants you unlimited access to the cheats you want the most!

Can I use multiple cheats at the same time?

You can buy as many hack licenses as you want from Bitcoin Cheats, and you can even use the Bitcoin Cheats hack injector to automatically install all the tools on your computer. You don’t have to manage all the tools yourself, as Bitcoin Cheats Launcher will make it easy to select the tools you want to use. We’ve thought of everything possible to keep our cheats simple and easy to use, and that has helped them become much more popular.

Choose Your Game Cheat Plan

Get instant access to all the cheats we offer with our subscription plans that also include many more benefits.


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Rating: 5 out of 5.


I’ve been a member here for a while now and I can say that BitcoinCheats has one of the best and cheapest cheats out there. The aimbot is fantastic and the ESP works great.

Richard Garcia, Photographer

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Without doing much comparison to other cheat providers, I can certainly say that I can see myself staying with the team here at BitcoinCheats.

Richard Garcia, Photographer

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


I have really been using this trick since February and I have no BAN as I am very happy with BitcoinCheats. I love the trick.

Richard Garcia, Photographer
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